The reasons for complete tooth loss can be various characteristics:

  • because of bad oral hygiene
  • in consequence of an accident / illness
  • it may also occur due to age

Nowadays, dentistry offers various ways to treat tooth loss

Importantly, toothed jaws should not be left untreated for too long as the bone builds down with the time of the bone and then an additional bone structure can be necessary before a fixed implant-supported tooth replacement can be obtained.

If this damage has already occurred, the C&E Dental Office Group recommends the IHDE treatment concept for toothless patients without bone structure.

Within the scope of the IHDE concept, the missing teeth are replaced in the toothless jaw by a dental bridge, which is supported by dental implants.

You can fully enjoy your life and eat everything you want.

Do you have complete tooth loss?

However, there is still another way to get a peek dentures. A bridge is anchored on dental implants in the bone so that it does not rest on the gum and there is room for cleaning underneath. The removable peek prosthesis is made by a latch which can be opened easily with a clasp and can be easily removed from the bridge.

More information on tooth loss can be found on Wikipedia: