Dental treatments in Hungary have been for years and still much cheaper than in Western Europe.

Worth knowing about dental treatments in Hungary

If you want to save money on your dental treatment, you have to be informed about dental treatment in Hungary as a dental patient from Germany, Switzerland or Austria. It is sometimes best to combine a dental treatment in Sopron with a holiday and to get to know the surroundings between the individual sessions, dentist appointments.

If you are interested in a dental treatment in Sopron, it is easiest to make a current panoramic radiograph in your home country, and send it to the dentist’s office in Sopron by email. In this case you can already get a provisional offer, of course you get a concrete, individual cost-of-living plan only if you also appear in the dentist’s office in Sopron and he can make a clinical examination, and in some implant cases a CT can also make and evaluate.

Nowadays this is the most modern technique that can be used for implantation. If the patient agrees with the cost-of-treatment plan and decides on the dental treatment, the exact treatment plan, the individual treatment steps and the dental treatment in Sopron have to be discussed.

Of course, you have to pay a deposit for the costs of the dental treatment in Hungary, you get an invoice that can be submitted to the health insurance company in your own country. It is free medicine within the EU, so what you can do in Germany, you can have it done with a Hungarian dentist.

In Hungary, labor costs, wages and other expenses are lower than in Western Europe, even if the Hungarian dentists use the same high-quality materials and dental implants, as a dental patient in Hungary, much less is paid than in Germany or Austria. The Hungarian dentists are very well educated, speak several languages and very many get their diplomas for implantology at German universities.