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Treatment procedure implant

4-5 sessions are required for dental implant treatment. (In this example, 1 implant is used.) We already do implantation routinely, the operation takes about 30 minutes with the preparations for an implant. After this, a healing time of 4-6 months occurs. The second phase, the expulsion, takes place. In this method, the gum is slightly cut open and the healing screws are inserted. Two weeks after exposure, we take an imprint and the implant crown is finished in 7 working days.

The implants last a lifetime when you have good oral hygiene. There is no guarantee on the dental implant, which depends on your own physical health.
Implants are now made of high-purity titanium, since it is especially tissue-friendly and has no allergy potential.

What is the cost of the health insurance for an implant?

Private insurance companies pay according to the insurance conditions, sometimes so-called 100%. The subsidy is different for every health insurance. By submitting our health and cost plan, you can ask for your checkout.

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